Hallway Transformation! Using 3D Wall Art


Transform any large wall using a 3D wall art mural!

3D Wall Art

My upstairs hallway looks amazing now!

This was a super fun weekend project and transformed a boring hallway into something beautiful with a little whimsy.  The leaves add a great pop of color and movement to the space.   I had been eyeing this on Amazon for a while and added it to my Christmas wish list for a get together at my parents house.  It was on backorder for several weeks, so didn’t make it in time for Christmas – but I DID get it for my birthday.  Thanks Mom and Dad!

Follow this link to the Wall Mural on Amazon:  3D Wall Mural

There are a lot of pieces to this mural so it is a good idea to get organized in the beginning.  I laid a sheet down on the floor and kept a little trash bin handy to keep things nice and tidy.

See my You Tube Video demo below.  Enjoy!




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How To Make a Mercury Glass Centerpiece Vase from 99 Cent Store Items!

DIY Krylon Mercury Glass Vase

DIY Krylon Mercury Glass Vase

Do It Yourself Centerpieces

This is such a simple and easy to make centerpiece and makes a great accent to any room, as a part of a table setting, or even for parties, weddings on a budget, or any other special event.  This piece looks beautiful and elegant, but doesn’t break the bank



  • Glass vase (any size or shape) – you can get these from the 99 Cent Store
  • Flowers (real or plastic) – again you can find some really cute ones from the 99 Cent Store
  • Spray bottle – filled with 1 part water, 1 part vinegar
  • Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint
  • Optional:  Ribbon


HOW TO – Live You Tube Tutorial Below:


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DIY Coasters – Wonderful Gift on a Budget!

2016-01-19 21.41.36 

How To Make Your Own Amazing Homemade Coasters:

Here is your step by step guide to make your very own lovely homemade coasters.  These are such a great gift!  Especially if you want to give something personalized and special but don’t want to break the bank.  This is such a great personalized gift for friends and family and a wonderful craft project for kids.  My mom showed me how to make these last year when I was at her house in Washington State.  It was a really fun mother-daughter project and I recently helped my godson make these for his mother – and she loved them! For under $5 bucks –  these make great personalized gifts for Christmas, birthdays, baby showers, office gifts, Mother’s Day,  party favors, or just a little something crafty for yourself and your own amazing home decor!  Let’s get started!

DIY Coasters

DIY Coasters


Step 1: Supplies

As always – making sure you have the right supplies is always the first step to any successful project.  Here is what you need:

  • White 4 inch by 4 inch tile
  • Mod Podge – Gloss luster
  • Decorative Paper (see my you tube video for fun examples)
  • Or – instead of paper you can use photos
  • Foam brush or paint brush
  • Little rubber feet
  • Scissors
  • Optional: top coat or epoxy finish
  • Wax paper (or some other paper to keep your work surface clean)

Step 2: Prep

  • Cut your decorative paper (or photos) into squares
  • Make sure to cut them a little smaller than your tile to create a nice border

2016-01-19 21.37.39


Step 3: Mod Podge Baby!!

  • Use your foam brush to paint a layer of Mod Podge onto the tile
  • Then place your paper square in the tile
  • Press down and smooth out any bubbles
  • Paint another layer of Mod Podge on top of the paper

Step 4: Let it Dry and Repeat

  • Let the coasters dry at least 20 minutes then repeat
  • And then repeat again 🙂

Step 5: Add Feet

  • After your coasters have dried completely – add your little rubber feet to the bottom – one on each corner
  • Helpful Hint – don’t use felt because they tend to stick when the coasters are stacked

Optional Step: Add a Top Coat

  • For the final finishing touch, add a top coat to help protect your lovely work of art.   I used General Finished semi-gloss finish on my You Tube demo below

Last Step: Enjoy!!  You crafty diva you!



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How To Make Over Your Brass Chandelier

This blog post is about one of my favorite home décor projects.  The makeover and revamp of a large gaudy gold chandelier.  A chandelier is such a statement piece in your house and can set the tone for the look and feel for the entire room.  This huge chandelier was the first thing you see the second you set foot into our home.

20150524_121423 20150526_185231

Step 1:  Take Your Chandelier Down

You want to spray paint your chandelier outside.  You might be able to hang your chandelier from a tree or in this case I hung it from our patio pergola structure with some rope so it was free standing and I could easily rotate it and spin it.

Big Gold Brass Chandelier Makeover

Step 2: Prep and Supplies!

Prepping is always an important step with any home project.  You will want the following supplies at your finger tips.


  • Dust Rags (chances are your light fixture is going to be dusty)
  • Dust Mask/Respirator Mask – so you are not breathing in paint fumes
  • Gloves – I just used rubber dishwashing gloves that I happened to have lying around
  • Painters Plastic (lay down on the ground and cover anything you don’t want paint to get on)
  • Painters Tape (to cover up the light blub sockets)
  • Drill and small metal bit (optional – if you need to physically drill holes to attach crystals)
  • Rustoleum Spray Paint
  • Light Bulbs if needed (this might be a good time to switch to LED bulbs or more energy efficient bulbs)
  • Crystals
    • I ordered these Teardrop Crystals from Amazon.  They are around $7 for a pack of 10. I ordered 6 packs of these.
    • I also ordered a roll of Crystal Beading. This is 99 foot roll of crystal beading strands for $12


  1. Dust and clean your light fixture – you don’t want any dust and dirt getting under your new coat of paint
  2. Remove all light bulbs and any removable parts you don’t want to paint.  My chandelier had little white tubes that were removable that I wanted to keep white.
  3. Use your painters tape to cover up the light bulb sockets 20150524_121423
  4. Lay down your painters plastic (or drop cloth or old sheet) to cover areas you don’t want paint on
  5. Put on your gloves and mask and get ready to paint!

Step 3: The Fun Part!  Paint

  • Grab your Rustoleum paint  can and start spraying.
  • Start with a light coat, you don’t need to cover up all the gold with the first coat
  • Let it dry and then continue coating the fixture

Painting Underway

  • Here is a You Tube video that might be helpful on technique:


Step 4:  Attach the Crystals


Use your drill and drill tiny holes into the base of the candelabra holders.  You can now use those tiny holes to attached your pendant crystals to the chandelier.

Now you can use the roll of crystal beads to drape across the chandelier.  I wanted my chandelier to sparkle, but not have an overload of crystals, so I draped it from light bulb to light bulb.  I secured the strands by tucking them underneath the white tubes underneath the bulbs.

Now you are ready to hang it back up!  Beautiful!


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Brass Chandelier Makeover – Burnished Amber and Crystals

Big Gold Brass Chandelier MakeoverBronze crystal chandelier
I absolutely loved this makeover project.  This huge chandelier (this is the before picture of course) was in our house when we first bought it three years ago.  It is BIG and it is GOLD / brass.  Not exactly meshing with the rest of the decor around here.  We have cathedral ceilings when you first walk in the house through the front door and this is the first light you see.  I originally thought we might buy a new one, but when I started looking at chandeliers of similar size and with some crystals – we are talking a couple thousand bucks for a light.  Not exactly where I wanted to spend that kind of cash.  I did a full makeover of this chandelier for probably around a hundred dollars once you factor in the paint and crystals.  Not bad!!

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Oh How I Love a Good Home Project

Pic snapped as I was leaving New York this week

Pic snapped as I was leaving New York this week

Hello to you! And welcome to my home project DIY blog – by day I am a senior executive at a sizable company and by night/weekend I am a super DIY’er probably like you!  I love a good bargain and figuring out how to make old stuff look amazing again.  My corporate job is a fairly stressful one, but hammering the heck out of a bathroom wall or staining a cabinet can be amazing stress relief!  Hope you enjoy looking through these projects as much as I loved doing them.

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