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Pic snapped as I was leaving New York this week

Pic snapped as I was leaving New York

Hello!  Welcome to my DIY blog for the home improvement projects.  I grew up in a small town and am a bit of a farm girl and spent a lot of my childhood working alongside my father and brothers on various home projects – we did all kinds of projects from building a barn/shed to retiling the basement floor.  Painting, digging fence posts, building a pen for the sheep and pigs – you name it we might have built it .  My Dad is amazing at all that stuff and I still call him for advice on anything from plumbing to tile to rain gutters.  I remember one Christmas not too long ago he bought me a really nice DeWalt drill – yay baby!  I use that thing all the time – I think every woman should have a decent drill and a set of bits, a good hammer, a cute tool box, and a tool belt!

I live in Orange County, California now and am a senior executive at a decent size company and spend most of my time on conference calls, airplanes, on my computer, or in meetings.  The corporate rat race is stressful and this is my stress relief and want to share it with others that have the same passion as me!   I love finding a bargain or taking on old chandelier or bathroom or something and turning it into something beautiful – I get great satisfaction out of a home project well done – or even mostly well done 🙂



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